Founded in 2002, Astana Biocare Sdn. Bhd. (formerly known as Astana Herbal (M) Sdn. Bhd.) is one of the leading herbal products manufacturing company in Malaysia. We are dedicated in manufacturing world class premium quality herbal base, health care and personal care products. We hold the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certificate given by the Malaysian Ministry of Health as proof of our excellent manufacturing standard. We are also certified with Halal Certification from Jabatan Agama Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) as a verification of our Halal products. We are also recognized by official government bodies.

We operate in a set up of 20,000 square feet composing various departments of advanced manufacturing facilities, Research and Development laboratories, warehouse units and administrative units, all run by experienced and highly specialized team. Up to date, we manufacture over 1,500 formulation mothering more than 23 brands, catering the needs of our customers globally. Currently, we manufacture over hundreds of traditional formulation for various brands to cater the needs of our global customers through OEM Each product undergoes years of research and trials before reaching the market after being registered and approved by government bodies. Although we are equipped with modern science technologies, we maintain the formulation by using traditional ancient method to maintain the preservation of herbal goodness and quality.


We promote health and beauty in the height of perfection using nature’s wealth. Hand picked fresh herbs are used to prepare world-class health care and personal care products. Traditional formulations manufactured by the hands of modern science makes the dream of perfect health and beauty a reality.

We also want to ensure that each Astana Biocare employees strongly backs the promise to exceed the expeditions of the consumer, each time and every time. Nothing less is acceptable. We want to develop markets worldwide while maintaining each step the highest ethical standards.


Our vision for the future is to become a successful multinational company providing high quality herbal products. Our company will be marketed globally, providing consumer the best of traditional herbal formulations.

We also have a clear vision to bring organic herbal products to society in a contemporary form and to unravel the mystery behind the 5000 years old system of medicine and herbals. This included referring to ancient Ayurvedic tests, selecting indigenous herbal and subjecting the formulations to modern pharmacological and safety tests to create new therapies.

Since its inspection, the company has focused on developing safe, natural and innovative remedies that will help people lead a richer and healthier life.

Our Guarantees

  1. Manufacturing Standards
  2. We practice strict procedure implemented in-house to guarantee the constant quality of our products. After each production, a sample is taken and stored as a record of its quality and barcodes are attached to enhance its traceability.

  3. Legalization
    We are compliant with the Malaysian Ministry of Health international standards. Our products are also complied with the standards and legislation in each country of destination. Our products are manufactured under oath of Halal standards.

  4. Respecting Nature
    We are very particular in environmental protection. We see to it that our company uses raw materials and manufacture environmentally friendly products.

  5. Policy on Animal Testing
    We are against any form of animal testing. Our products are not tested on animals.

  6. Services
  7. We offer contract manufacturing and OEM services, from formulation to packaging, and ensure that every product is inspected for quality for our client’s satisfaction.